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How to add logo and images

Commercial email messages often contain images, graphics and other design elements. 

When a message is sent in the HTML format, images used in the email signature can be referred on a public web folder or a network share.

If you manage Outlook email clients, there are no general recommendations on whether to use a web folder or a network share. Some clients prefer to re-use the images used on their website, while other clients prefer to refer to images on a network share if their web server is unstable.

On the other hand, if you also manage email signatures on mobile devices, tablets or Outlook Web, only images on web folders can be used.

Best Practices

  • Use .JPG format.
  • Use full-size image (100% - do not prepare to scale height and width in HTML).
  • Add image height and width attributes.

Add image

  1. All users must be able to read the image file from this location when generating email signatures.

  2. Use the image location which is accessible for all users, click Add:

    a.    \\srv03\images\mobile2.jpg 
    b.    z:\images\mobile2.jpg

    c.    http://www.company.com/images/mobile2.jpg

    Note: You cannot use the file name with 'logo' in it. Use your company name and avoid spaces in the file name.

  3. Click 'Save'.

Insert image

  1. Open an email signature in which you want to insert an image, in the editor window, click the cursor in the place, where the image is to appear. 
  2. Click Insert:

  3. To add the image height and width:

    As HTML style is not supported on all email clients, click source and remove the style ...

    <img style="height: 47px; width: 200px;" alt="eMailSignature" src="eMailSignature_200_pix.jpg" border="0" />

    ... and insert HEIGHT and WIDTH: 

    <img height="47" width="200" alt="eMailSignature" src="eMailSignature_200_pix.jpg" border="0" /> 

  4. To save the changes made, click 'OK'. Repeat for all images.

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