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How does it work?

The on premise installation includes:

  1. Console:
    The administrative interface which typically is installed on a PC in marketing and on a PC/Server in IT during the initial technical setup.
  2. Database:
    The console is connected to the back-end MS SQL database which stores all information including the license key.

    The database must be accessible for all users managed by eMailSignature.
    Do not change any information in the database manually, only use the administrative interface.
    Any interference with the database will result in unexpected behavior and hence not supported by us.

    The connectivity to the database can be done through built-in SQL database user or Windows authentication. You decide for yourself which method you prefer.

    The amount of data per user depends on the number of signatures to be deployed for the users and whether you use low or high log level. Expect some 10Kb - 25Kb of space per user + the usual database size.
    The average read/write amounts to the database each time Sign.exe is executed is around 10Kb - 25Kb + the usual traffic to either AD or the data source depending on where data is merged from.
  3. Executable:
    A small executable file (Sign.exe) collects contact details and updates email signatures for the users that execute it.
    Sign.exe is a single stand-alone file. The size is 435 Kb (version 9). It takes one parameter which is the connection string to the database.
    Once the user has run this for the first time, the connection string is saved in registry and when Sign.exe is run the next time, it will use this connection string.
    If you move database simply just supply the connection string to the new database.
    Sign.exe is not installed anywhere. There is no requirements for installing anything on any clients/PCs.

When are email signatures updated? 

Email signatures are updated every time Sign.exe runs. This is why most clients tend to put Sign.exe into the NETLOGON share to be run every time the users log on. It is also possible to push out Sign.exe as a package through a GPO if the wish is to have the signatures updated every half hour. This often applies if the marketing department requires frequent and prompt updated for marketing messages when using the marketing module.

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