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Install eMailSignature on domain PC

You should install the console on a domain PC (You may install the console on a server if you prefer but it is not required).

P.S.Sufficient rights to install software on the PC is required.

Additional Steps if you install on Windows Server

The Data Execution Prevention (DEP) prohibits the console to run automatically.

To allow eMailSignature to run, proceed as follows:

  1. Right-click "Computer" and select Properties. Click on "Advanced System Settings".

  2. Open the "Advanced" tab and then in the DEP form, click "Settings".

  3. In the Performance Options window that appears open the "Data Execution Prevention" tab, click "Add" and browse to the installation directory of eMailSignature.
    Unless you have changed it during the installation, it is C:\Program Files (x86)\eMailSignature.  

  4. Once the eMailSignature.exe is added, it appears in the programs list.
    To finish the additional installation steps for the Windows 2008 Server, click "OK". You are now ready to launch eMailSignature.

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