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How to install the Mobile module on your Exchange Server

How to install the Mobile module on your Exchange Server 2010
  • Download emailsignature_exchange(v2.0.1).zip
  • Unzip and Install the MSI-file as administrator.
  • You need to provide the connection string to the settings database during the install wizard.
  • Open the admin console --> Configuration -->Database
  • Copy the database connection string, without the Provider.

Data Source=s15306432\s15306432;Initial Catalog=emailsignature;User Id=emailsignature_superuser;Password=changemenow;

Paste database connection string into the install wizard when asked.
Make sure that you have connection to the database from your Exchange Server: 

Connection string in Mobile module

Now complete your installation and close the wizard. The agent is now installed.

Verifying that the Exchange Agent is Applied correctly

To verify that the agent is applied correctly open the command shell on your Exchange Server and run the Get-TransportAgent commandlet:

As you can see, the Exchange Agent appears on the list above and everything is installed correctly.

This screenshot is for Exchange 2007 but looks similar for Exchange 2010/2013. 

Now you can start configuring rules in the admin console.

How to uninstall the Mobile module

Use remove programs in Windows control panel.

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