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v9.0.0 - Release Notes - 28th November 2013


  • Outlook Web and Mobile support Exchange Server 2013.
  • Easy to add social media links and icons.
  • OWA group management added.
  • Search and filter AD groups added.
  • Assistant module include reply email signatures.
  • Status Monitor can sort users who have not run sign.exe in 30+ days.


  • Improved performance in the admin console.
  • Improved performance when loading AD groups.
  • Improved user search in status monitor.
  • Filter users by letter in the status monitor.
  • Console tool tips are updated.
  • Groups window can now be maximized.
  • Assistant module window can now be maximized.
  • vCard generation will be logged in the log file.


  • "There is no Outlook profile..." message in Status Monitor is fixed.
  • Unicode issues with mobile rules are fixed - E.g. Chinese rules can now be used.
  • Unicode issues with text based email signatures are fixed.
  • Individual settings no longer disappear when license count is exceeded.
  • An email signature no longer can be copied with the same name.
  • Campaigns on replies are fixed.

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