•  Full support for Outlook 2013. 
  • Include images from AD in your signature. 
  • New rule-based campaign distribution in connection with both campaign module and Integration module. 
  • Not necessary to close Outlook anymore to view new signature (Outlook 2010 and 2013). 
  • eMailSignature management console with Outlook 2013 "skin". 
  • Delegation control for non-technical staff in marketing. 
  • Possibility to see which campaign has been added and sorted by added campaigns. 
  • Log can be re-sized and maximized. 
  • Log file can be retrieved more easily than before. 
  • Many new entries added to the log file. 
  • Log contains elapsed time (how long time it took to run sign.exe). 
  • Several new log entries for troubleshooting in very large environments. 
  • Possibility to have no campaigns on replies when using campaign groups. 


  • Improved marketing module. 
  • Performance improvement for rule based deployment. 
  • mproved quick guide. 
  • Image handling improved and more intuitive. 
  • Performance optimized - can be up to 20 times faster to execute when using Integration Module. 
  • Several improvements in sign.exe. 


  • When using multiple campaigns it could fail if just one campaign is added. 
  • vCards could sometimes show up empty. 
  • Individual campaigns would disappear in connection with group based campaigns and multiple campaigns.