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v8.0.1 - Release Notes - 4th April 2012


  • New editor with several improvements such as fixed one-line HTML etc. 
  • Flexible field handling conditions can be added to data source fields to reduce the number of templates. 
  • Signature for OWA does not need to be the same as outlook default. 
  • Quick view for OWA status message in Status Monitor. 
  • Individual campaigns for people independent of groups and rules. 
  • Customized interface for marketing personnel. 
  • Campaigns can be copied. 
  • AD fields can be used in conjunction with other data sources. 
  • Default signature can be changed in the default account and not all accounts. 
  • Time and user stamp introduced in campaigns. 
  • Stamp when saving images. 
  • Rule-based deployment included additional condition. 
  • One-click user search in status monitor. 
  • Integration with Active Directory Export for Enterprise roll-outs. 
  • Integration and status messaging for license release. 
  • Check for misspelled merge fields with a detailed message of possible reasons when in error. 
  • Additional profiles. Possible to have up to three eMailSignature profiles / connection strings. 
  • Access menu items not visible anymore when using SQL Server. 


  • Better group handling for group based signatures. 
  • vCard now adapted to US address format. 
  • Problems with case sensitive merge fields are solved. 
  • Group campaigning improved. 
  • Easier to handle many embedded images. 
  • No papyrus icon for editing signatures anymore - only switch between design and code view bottoms. 
  • No more restart when applying a new license key. 
  • Name check introduced when renaming a signature 
  • Included several languages in COUNTRY function. 
  • Font face and size moved to the ribbon. 
  • Easier to manage rules when there are many rules in the database. 
  • Design view and code view buttons cannot be clicked once selected. Minimizes the risk of losing unsaved work. 
  • Deployment options have been moved to the menu bar. 
  • Copy campaign and signature forms stay open after copy is completed. 
  • Bug fixed referencing HREF would sometimes cause problems for zip code. 
  • Added line numbers to log file. 


  • Problem losing settings when choosing LEAVE and NONE for default for all. 
  • Images sometimes would disappear and appear as Red X. 
  • Fixed bug groups only validates the first two lines. All groups are validated with detailed status messages. 
  • Version number check in log file has been fixed. 
  • Status monitor no longer crashes when minimized. 
  • Setting 'available' disappears in OU deployment. 
  • PhoneBook max field changed to 64 characters for Title field. 
  • No more Red X when installing eMailSignature on a new PC. 
  • Label in status monitor corrected to sign.exe last run instead of signowa.exe last run. 
  • Fixed bug for copy campaign. 
  • Fixed annoying reset 'view' when users are removed. 
  • Errors fixed when renaming campaigns. 
  • Disclaimer was shown in preview even when it was removed. 
  • Campaign was shown in preview even when it was removed. 
  • Bug where log file would open blank if the Outlook version was clicked in status monitor. 
  • Bug where log file sometimes would stop in RTF signatures. 
  • Bug when changing campaign dates. 
  • Bug losing the embedded image when creating a new signature based on an existing with embedded image. 
  • Annoying reset in individual signatures. 
  • Added fix for Outlook 2003 red x for images. 
  • Fixed bug not showing the correct number of licenses in the status panel if more users are added while using eMailSignature Manager.

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