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How to assign email signatures to users

You centrally assign and managing email signature settings for users: 

  • Default email signature 
  • Reply/forward email signature 
  • Optional email signatures (these are referred to as 'available' in the management console) 

Individual settings is the TOP priority and overrides all other settings: 

  1. Individual 
  2. OUs/Groups/Rules 
  3. All 

Settings apply the next time users run the sign.exe file.

Typically you setup for All, and then add OUs/Groups which need other settings - and then maybe a few users with individual settings. 

Re. Organizational units (OUs)  

There can be several Organizational Units (OUs) nested inside a OU, but a user can only exist in one OU. 

Re. Groups

Users can reside in several groups with different email signature settings, which can result in conflicts and make it difficult to manage deployment. 

We recommend that you create distribution groups for managing email signatures and make sure that users are only member of one group.

Re. Rules

Rule-Based Deployment is more flexible than deploying to OUs/groups in Active Directory. 

Based on employee information in the SQL data source (which can be a replica of AD, ERP, SharePoint or any other SQL Server based solution) email signatures can be deployed based on conditional data. For example, IF department = 'Sales Manager' THEN a certain set of signatures should be assigned. 

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