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Email Signature for users only using OWA (and not Outlook)

This article is intended for the IT Administrator and will enable you to manage the default email signature in OWA without those users using Outlook at all. 

We assume that you already have the basic installation running and Outlook Web runs without issues - Security and permission challenges have been solved and you can see the default Outlook email signature in Outlook Web.

This is especially useful for users who don't run 'Sign.exe' on a continuous basis, but only occasionally.

If these users need their email signature in OWA (and on emails sent from mobile devices), then the 'Batch' is very useful.

When running 'Sign.exe' in 'Batch' means that you run on behalf of a number of users in certain groups.

E.g. You can run Sign.exe on behalf of all users in group A and B.

'Batch' works as an expansion to the Outlook Web functionality.

Generate the email signature for standalone OWA users

In order to create the signatures for OWA users not logging on you need to run the signature on those user's behalf.

To do so you need to choose one or more groups for whom you want to run sign.exe for.

Now you can select the groups you wish to run it for:

Note: You can only use distribution lists in batch - Not security groups!

Running sign.exe as scheduled task

Now that you have selected the groups, you need to set up Sign.exe to run scheduled.

The most common way is to set 'Sign.exe' to run scheduled once per day.

1. Install the admin console on a server and connect to your database.
2. Open your registry browser and browse to the entry HKCUSOFTWARE/Office add-on/eMailSignature, create an entry of type REG_SZ and name it 'RunBatch' and give it value "1".
3. Open your Windows Scheduler and create a basic scheduled task:
Now users will get OWA email signature updated without using Outlook.

Verifying that it works

When 'Sign.exe' is finished running in the batch, you will users appearing in the Status Monitor.
In order to see the email signature in OWA you need to run signOWA.exe as you normally do, which pushes the default email signature into the Outlook Web email client.

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