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Using the Marketing Module

Marketing Module

With the Marketing module activated, you will experience the following benefits:

  • Add campaign messages below the email, such as banners, promotions, links, holiday greetings, special events, news etc.
  • Schedule a campaign to run in a given time frame. (start date, and end date can be defined)
  • Specify a campaign for a group of users (e.g. all employees in marketing).
  • View reports of campaign results using our hosted tracking service
  • Measure the effectiveness of your campaign

The Marketing module is enabled automatically, when the provided license key is entered.

How to target marketing

This selection controls how you choose campaign messages to be appended to signatures.
This setting will change the behavior of all active campaigns that are running from this time on (i.e. have an end-date later than the day when this setting is changed).

Signature based campaigns

Signature-based campaigns mode allows you to append a campaign to an email signature, regardless of the user's group membership or any other association. In this mode each campaign is linked to one or more signatures, and users that choose to use those signatures will also have the specified campaign message appear below their emails.

Note: Choosing this mode will automatically disable group-based campaigns mode. If you have previously configured campaigns for AD groups, in signature-based campaigns mode, those settings will be ignored. The Deploy mode active now takes precedence.

Note:There may be several signatures that use the same campaign, however only one campaign may be linked to each signature. Thus, if you select a signature for one campaign in campaign design view, this signature is automatically removed from all other campaigns.

Note: Inactive campaigns and campaigns that have run out will not be appended to the signatures. End dates are always enforced.

Group Based Campaigns

You can choose to append campaigns based on group membership. This means that all users who are members of a certain group will have one campaign appended to all signatures generated for them.

Note: Choosing this mode will automatically disable signature-based campaigns mode. If you have previously configured separate campaigns for each signature, in group-based campaigns mode those settings will be ignored.

  • Click on the Groups Button, and a list of all available groups appears.

To make a group the priority select the check mark in the 'Priority Group?' column next to the group. The group set as priority group will be chosen if a user is a member of several groups. If a user is a member of several priority groups, then a random campaign set for one of these groups will be appended.

Rule based campaigns

Campaigns are added based on rules.

Note: Rule based campaigns require integration module activated.

Get Results from your email campaign

If you would like to take your Campaign a step further, track the number of clicks and conversions that the email signature ad receives. This will provide great feedback with respect to the effectiveness of your email signature campaign (ROI).

  • Click-through is registered when the recipient clicks on a link inside the email message.
  • Conversion is registered when the recipient reaches a goal page on your web site or completes a purchase.

Guide to campaign tracking in Google Analytics

Most clients prefer to store email campaign results where they store visitors to their web pages.
Please consult your web master for more information.

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