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Assistant Module - Manual Selection

Assistant module - Manual selection

Assistant will use the email signature data from the manager

With the Assistant module, you can easily provide that one person's email signatures will be available to others. This is great for businesses where secretaries, paralegals and others frequently send on behalf of others.
Emails sent by an assistant using the Send on Behalf of feature of Exchange will use the email signature data from the manager - and not the assistant - ensuring consistency throughout.

With the Assistant module we introduce two new ways of offering other people's signatures:

  • Manual
  • Automatic

If you want to use Assistant signatures with Automatic selection, you also need the Integration module.

Manual selection

You only need the license key to enable this module and then you can select other people's signatures. It works like adding people to the 'to line' when composing an email - add the additional signatures for other users by adding them in the box as shown. Simply just select the other person’s signature by right-clicking the email signature .and then select the other person’s signature. Simple, easy and intuitive.

To get started you need to enable the module first. To do so click the 'enable' checkmark in 'MODULES' -> 'Assistant'.

You then need to click 'options' to make sure that you have the right option available. For manually controlled signatures you need to select the first option.

You can also choose how the person's signatures will appear when you select them in Outlook - just choose the format you want in the 'Signature name in Outlook' section. YOu have three options:

  • Firstname Lastname (Accountname) Example: "John Doe (jd)"
  • Lastname, Firstname (Accountname) Example: "Doe, John (jd)"
  • Accountname - Firstname Lastname Example: "jd - John Doe"
  • Firstname Lastname Example "John Doe"
  • Lastname, Firstname Example: "Doe, John"

Select the display which suits you best with your other display names.

Note: When you experiment and are getting this to work, note that you might see several of these options as a result. It will not delete the versions you have tried with unless you have selected "delete all signatures". Only the signature display name selected will be updated.

Check the reply/forward signature option also if ou want to include this in the deployment as well.

Selecting the users

Click 'Select' in Assistant section and you can choose which users should have other user's signatures.

Once you have enabled a user click the column 'Other user's signatures' and you will see a scree like this:

The users you select in the right hand side are the users' signatures which will deploy to the person selected.

Do this step for all users WHO should have other user's signatures.

Note: It is always the last generated signatures that will be deployed. The signatures are written when you run sign.exe.

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