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Assistant Module - Automatic Selection

Assistant will use the email signature data from the manager

With the Assistant module, you can easily provide that one person's email signatures will be available to others. This is great for businesses where secretaries, paralegals and others frequently send on behalf of others.
Emails sent by an assistant using the Send on Behalf of feature of Exchange will use the email signature data from the manager - and not the assistant - ensuring consistency throughout.

With the Assistant module we introduce two new ways of offering other people's signatures:

  • Manual
  • Automatic

Note: If you want to use Assistant signatures with Automatic selection, you also need the Integration module.

Automatic Selection

The purpose of the Automatic selection is to provide an automated way of providing other user's signatures. If you already have information about who is supposed to have which signatures, then you should use this and not select manual control.

You only need the license key to enable this module and license to Integration Module and then you can select other people's signatures.

To get started you need to enable the module first. To do so click the 'enable' checkmark in 'MODULES' -> 'Assistant'.

Set the Automatic option

In order to select the Automatic database driven mode, then choose this option:

You need to have set up a data source pointing to your database which contains the information. To set up a database, please see the section about managing data sources.

The data source should point either directly to a table or to a view and needs to return a value called 'SOBO'. Here is an example of how the database could look:

It is your responsibility to populate the values in the table SOBO and it should be of type NTEXT. The content is a commaseparated list of account initials. These account initials are the users the person can send on behalf of. In this example the users 'Administrator' can send on behalf of the users 'jhn' and 'yan'.

You select the data source in the 'select data source' dropdown and you can test the connectivity and user result by entering the initials for a user and then it will return the account initials as expected.

If you use a view then make sure that you have the proper permissions set up for users to get this information.

And that's really how easy it is. You can populate the SOBO field with information from other sources and it is outside the scope of this article to describe how to do that.

In the user log you can see in detail how the assistant signatures are deployed and you can use this for troubleshooting as well.

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