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How to Install Xink App for Apple Mail (Mac)

Xink supports Apple Mail email signatures on Mac OS ‘El Capitan' (v10.11) and newer versions.

You can even see the email signature while you’re composing the email. 

How do I invite users?

Employees menu > Click the gear wheel and select 'Send Invitation Email':

All employees added will receive an email from your Xink account administrator. (The sender email is 'Xink.io').

The invitation email contains a download link to the Xink Client App and individual credentials to connect to the company Xink account



Example - Invitation email


Installing the app for Mac

 Save the file to your drive and drag the file to your 'applications' folder and double-click it.
It will now appear in your top bar.
The Xink logo is shown on a white background.



Enter token

The user enter her/his unique token which have been supplied in the invitation email. The token connects the Xink App with your Xink account.
To enter the token click the Xink icon:

Enter Token..

When the app is connected with Xink, the icon displays on a white background. If it is not connected, it will show a red warning.

Within Preferencesalways select this setting even through you think you are not using iCloud Drive:

Whenever there is an update to your email signature from Xink the user will get a notification. 

The Apple Mail email signatures will be available under “All Signatures”. 

Depending how many email accounts the user have, they can drag’n’drop the email signatures to the accounts where they need them. 

Remember that if you selected “Delete all existing email signatures” in Xink, users will have to start from scratch with the signatures they’re using for the different accounts.

Once the Apple Mail email signatures are updated, users can see them when composing a new email.

How about the logos?

Yeah what about the logos? They are of course there also!

No email signature is complete without your company logo. Logos are fully supported in your Apple Mail email signatures with Xink.

While you won’t see the logos in the Apple Mail Preferences tab, once you compose your email you will see your full email signature with logos. 

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