Your Xink connection must be a G Suite Super Admin in order to apply Xink email signatures in Gmail.

Xink only asks for the email which has been granted Super Admin rights, nothing else.
Super Admin passwords are never entered in Xink.

Sign in to the Google Admin console from


  1. Click Users icon and navigate to the full list of users.



  2. Select a user whom you'd like to grant Super Administrator permissions. We take as an example xink sync user.
    Click on xink sync and go to his account. Here you will be able to manage the administrative roles and privileges of this user.



  3. Click Show more and scroll down to find Admin roles and privileges section from the drop-down list.


  4. As of now, the xink sync user does not have any roles and privileges.



    To set the role you should click on Admin roles and privileges first, whereupon a blue button Manage roles will appear on the right side of your screen. Click the Manage roles button.



  5. Manage roles window opens and presents the full list of available roles. Check Super Admin role and Update roles.


  6. Now xink sync user has 1 role as a Super Admin.




You can now use this account for Xink integration.