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Manually add employees or duplicate employee info

This article describes how to manually add individual employees to your Xink account.
This method is best for small companies and during trial.
This is the simple way to add new individual employee users.

How to add a single employee to Xink

To add a user to your Xink account, click EMPLOYEES and then click 'Manually add':

You only need to fill in details that are used in your email signature. 
You can remove default fields in Preferences > Fields (click the the gear wheel).

Note that Email and Display Name are mandatory fields.

How to Duplicate an Employee

Reuse, recycle, right? Sometimes you want to copy over a lot of the same employee information, particularly for the same department. 

To do this, go to EMPLOYEES, search for the employee user you want to make a copy of, click the 'Gear Wheel', select Copy, and edit for new employee. 

Double-check everything is accurate for the new employee.

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