Skype click to call links are not supported in all email clients (like Gmail). 


<a href="skype:((Skype))?call">((Skype))</a> 


To overcome this, you can build a simple "http://" link that leads to your Skype link instead. 

This http:// link will work great in any email software, even Gmail. 

  1. Go to and shorten links skype:employeeskypename?call for all employees.
  2. Add the short http:// link to your employees Skype field.
  3. Reference the Skype click to call links like this:


<a href="((Skype))">Skype me</a> 


Note: This will not work with other URL shortener services like Only use the one provided above.

Which email clients do not support the Skype click to call link?