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How to upgrade from 'classic' v7.x/v8.x/v9.x/v10.x to current v. Xink (estimate 2 hours)

Organizations will have a smooth transition from eMailSignature "classic" to Xink. 

  • For instance, it's possible to run Xink and "classic" concurrently.

In general, the switch to Xink is a move toward a so-called "Email Signature Platform".
For instance, the Xink platform provides things like role-based access control capability.

Moving forward, eMailSignature is re-branded as Xink (as we as company re-branded back in 2014)

You no longer have to maintain everything on premises. Many clients have no installation on servers when upgrading to latest version.

  • The eMailSignature management console is replaced by the Xink browser-based administration login.
  • Your SQL database is NOT replaced - It's used when you want to manage OWA/Mobile email signature with Exchange Server on premises. 
  • Sign.exe is replaced by the Xink client app which updates Outlook (Win/Mac) and Apple Mail (Mac) during office hours (not only during domain logon). 
  • The license key is replaced by your company login (you can assign login to the responsible department using role-based access control).

With current eMailSignature maintenance subscription, you are licensed to upgrade at no extra cost

1. How to request Xink login

2. How to copy/paste templates

  • Open eMailSignature and copy templates (copy from HTML source). 
  • Login to Xink > Signatures menu, click signature, click Source button and paste HTML source.
  • Click field and insert Xink field (Standard Xink fields have other names).   

3. How to add employees

4. How to assign email signatures

Specifically for clients using Assistant module:

5. How to update Outlook (desktop)  

6. How to update mobile devices 

7. How to update Outlook on the web (OWA)

8. How to stop eMailSignature

  • Stop executing Sign.exe during domain login (typically found in NETLOGON share).
  • When you move to Office 365, you can also uninstall eMailSignature (found in add/remove programs) and delete the SQL database (default name is eMailSignature).

10. How to add additional users

  • Contact us and we'll add additional users to your Xink login - Or you can activate additional users using your credit card (Subscription menu). 
  • You can move to monthly subscription if you prefer - or stay with yearly subscription and then we pro-rate additional users.
  • Pricing incl. support/upgrades.

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