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How to upgrade from 'classic' v7.x/v8.x/v9.x/v10.x to the Xink Platform (estimate 2 hours - Ready for Exch on prem/Office 365/G Suite)

Organizations will have a smooth transition from eMailSignature "classic" to Xink. 

  • For instance, it's possible to run Xink and "classic" concurrently.

In general, the switch to Xink is a move toward a so-called "Email Signature Platform".
For instance, the Xink platform includes role-based access control capability and multiple integrations.

Need help? - Schedule remote assistance - Step-by-Step

Moving forward, eMailSignature is re-branded as Xink (as we as company re-branded back in 2014)

You no longer have to maintain everything on premises. Many clients have no installation on servers when upgrading to latest version.

  • The eMailSignature management console is replaced by the Xink browser-based administration login.
  • Your SQL database is NOT replaced - It's used when you want to manage OWA/Mobile email signature with Exchange Server on premises. 
  • Sign.exe is replaced by the Xink client app which updates Outlook (Win/Mac) and Apple Mail (Mac) during office hours (not only during domain login). 
  • The license key is replaced by your company login (you can assign a login to the responsible department using role-based access control).

With current eMailSignature maintenance subscription, you are licensed to upgrade at no extra cost

1. How to request Xink login

2. How to copy/paste templates

  • Open eMailSignature and copy templates (copy from HTML source). 
  • Login to Xink > Signatures menu, click signature, click Source button and paste HTML source.
  • Click field and insert Xink field (Standard Xink fields have other names).  

3. How to add employees

4. How to assign email signatures

5. How to update Outlook (desktop)  

6. How to update mobile devices 

7. How to update Outlook on the web (OWA)

8. How to stop eMailSignature

  • Stop executing Sign.exe during domain login (typically found in NETLOGON share).
  • When you move to Office 365, you can also uninstall eMailSignature (found in add/remove programs) and delete the SQL database (default name is eMailSignature).

10. How to add additional users

  • Contact us and we'll add additional users to your Xink login - Or you can activate additional users using your credit card (Subscription menu). 
  • You can move to a monthly subscription if you prefer - or stay with a yearly subscription and then we pro-rate additional users.
  • Pricing incl. support/upgrades.

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