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How to configure rerouting using the Web Console (Office 365)

The rerouting service is designed for Office 365 to catch outgoing emails in the mail flow and apply the user’s email signature from your Xink account. 

When to use Office 365 rerouting to get email signature applied?

Email rerouting can be used in addition to our other services or rerouting can be used as the primary email signature service for Office 365. 

Once an email is sent, the rerouting service will replace the existing signature with the Xink signature before it arrives in the recipient inbox. 

The emails are caught by the Xink server in Windows Azure (same data centers as Office 365) just before they are delivered by Office 365. Once the signature replacement has taken place, the email is delivered back to your Office 365 tenant, which will then be responsible for sending the mail.

Xink will never deliver any emails, only the signature replacement will take place, and hence the customer's Office 365 account will be responsible for the actual delivery.

You ensure that your full branding initiatives are in place and visible, no matter which app you use or where you sent the email from. 

Xink email rerouting will work pretty much just out-of-the-box.

  • Emails sent from mobile devices will get an email signature applied instead of showing e.g. 'Sent from my iPhone'.

Rerouting enables you to:

Ensure your email looks professional when sent from mobile devices and tablets.

Here is more information about how it works:

Security considerations

All Xink mailservers are located in Azure datacenters, each one in the same datacenter as Xink application server, e.g. United States, European Union, etc. All communications between Office 365 server and Xink servers are encrypted (TLS/SSL).

Xink mailservers do not deliver emails to the final recipients. After processing the messages, they are returned back to Office 365 for further delivery in a regular way.

The ReRouter handles a very dense stream of emails and can cause delivery delays. Typical delay is about 10 seconds, it can jump up to 30 minutes occasionally. Each signature is cached by the ReRouter for twenty minutes (actual number will change, but the cache will exist always). It means that all changes in a signature (text, field values, anything) propagates to the ReRouter within this period and will not be visible immediately.

What is the Xink Web Console for Office 365?

Web Console is a simple tool to configure Xink ReRouting. 

Technically it is a proxy between Office 365 PowerShell console and the user. Xink web server creates PowerShell remote session and interacts with Office 365 server, then it shows the results back to the user in a form of console-like output.

How to open the Console

Open 'Preferences' menu, select 'Integration' tab.
Click 'Office 365 (ReRouting)' and you will find the 'Open Console' button.

The Console requires Office 365 Administrator credentials.
It never saves this data, just uses the credentials to create remote session between Xink web server and Office 365.

Click here to setup rerouting via PowerShell without entering Office 365 admin credentials.  

When you click 'Open Console', the popup window appears and you connect using Office 365 admin credentials:

Domain map will show:

Test OK with the marker

Using the 'marker', you control who gets updated before applying to everyone.

  1. Wait 15 min after having conneted OK
  2. Add the marker {EMAILSIGNATURE} 
  3. Send an email to an external recipient

Is the default email signature applied instead of the marker at the recipient end?

  • Then the setup is completed OK. 

If the 'marker' show at the recipient end:

  • Is the email received in Plain Text format? 
  • Did you create Plain Text signature? 
  • Is default signature set?  
  • Learn how to set default email format in iOS to HTML.  
    This forces all emails initiated on iOS devices to be in HMTL and the HTML email signature is applied and not the Plain Text signature.

Add/Replace signature without marker 

This setting is not selected by default. We recommend the marker (method described above) for a few pilot users during trial.

When you select 'Apply the email signature when sent from mobile devices' it's transparent  for the users and intelligent in the sense that it analyzes emails for known signature patterns with the purpose to find existing signature in outgoing message and replace it with a Xink signature.
If it finds a signature, it replaces what it found. No matter if it is Xink signature, custom sender’s signature or empty text. If the parser found known reply/forward pattern, it uses Reply signature from Xink, otherwise – Default signature.

  • Applied to external emails.
  • Applied to HTML emails (Learn how to change iOS to HTML).
  • Any existing signature, e.g. 'Sent from my iPhone' is replaced by the user's default/reply email signature in Xink.
  • Ready for iOS devices. 
  • Currently, Android devices need the {EMAILSIGNATURE} marker. 

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