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IT Pro: Unattended deployment for Azure AD-joined machines

The latest Xink application v3.2.2 release supports AzureAD-joined machines with Azure AD logon, not only on-premises AD.

There are few pre-conditions to be met:

  • only joined computers are supported, not linked work accounts;
  • only logon email is supported as an employee id, say if a person logs on as john.doe@xink.io, then employee with email "john.doe@xink.io" must exist in Xink.

How to install

Open Preferences in Xink web admin, select "Download" tab. Download IT: Download Xink Client (.MSI Package).

And visit Token Manager. Generate Domain Authentication token, if you haven't created one before. Or just copy existing token using copy icon.
Please note that the token is much longer than wha is shown on the screen, using copy icon is essential.

Then use whatever SCCM you prefer to deploy the package to domain computer. The only requirement to make things work is by passing the token as a property value to the installer. In case of Intune deployment, on the Command Line Arguments page specify the following argument:


Sample line would look like this:

If copy icon doesn't work, which is possible in some older browsers, put cursor into the token text line, press Ctrl-A, then Ctrl-C

Lastly please ensure to reboot the target devices.

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